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Colours (Colors) Name In Hindi And English with Sanskrit

In this chapter you will know the names of Colour (Color) in Hindi, Sanskrit and English. We are going to discuss Colours name’s List & Table in Hindi, Sanskrit & English. In this page we are listed 52 Colours name in Hindi, Sanskrit and English. Hindi Colours name is very important up-to 5th standard and above. Colours name is the most important topic/lesson for your child. So these are the Colours name in Sanskrit, Hindi and English: (देखें – Animals name in Hindi and Sanskrit)

Colors or Colours Name In Hindi And English

रंग (रंगो के नाम) – मतलब हिंदी में, रंग (कलर्स) मीनिंग इन हिंदी

Get definition, translation and meaning of कलर्स in hindi. Above is hindi meaning of कलर्स. Yahan कलर्स ka matlab devanagari hindi dictionary bhasha mai (Colour मतलब हिंदी में) diya gaya hai.
What is Hindi definition or meaning of Colour ? (Colour/Color ka hindi arth, matlab kya hai?).
What is Hindi meaning or definition of कलर्स in devanagari hindi dictionary? कलर्स (Colour) ka matlab, arth kya hai? (देखें – Birds name in Hindi and Sanskrit)

Meaning of Colour in hindi

Noun (संज्ञा)

  • रंग – color, paint, coloring, hue, pigment, dye
  • वर्ण – letter, color, caste, class, complexion, dye
  • राग – melody, passion, attachment, singing, song, color
  • रोग़न – blacking, grease, varnish, ointment, color, oil
  • पताका – flag, streamer, banner, color, colour
  • रंग के द्रव्य – color, colour

Verb (क्रिया)

  • रंगना – imbue, dye, paint, color, variegate, impaste
  • रंग चढ़ाना – repaint, imbue, paint, color, dye over again, impaste
  • रूप बदल देना – change the form, colour, color
  • तोड़-मरोड़ देना – colour, color, distort
  • रंग चढ़ना – colour

List of Colours Name In Hindi And English with Sanskrit

English Hindi Sanskrit
Aquamarine अक्वामरीन अक्वामरीन:
Azure नीला आकाशवर्ण:
Black काला श्यामः, कालः
Blue नीला नीलः
Brown भूरा श्यावः, कपिशः
Charcoal कोयले जैसा काला कालिमन् वर्ण:
Coral मूंगा प्रवाल वर्ण:
Crimson गहरा लाल शोणः
Cyan सियान इन्दीवर वर्ण:
Fuchsia फ्यूशिया फ्यूशिया
Gray, Grey धूसर धूसरः, धूषरः
Green हरा हरितः, पलाशः
Golden सुनहरा सुवर्ण:
Hot pink गरम गुलाबी पाटल:
Ivory हाथी दांत हस्तिदन्त: वर्ण:
Khaki खाकी रंग खाकी वर्ण
Lime चूना अम्लसार वर्ण:
Magenta मैजेंटा मैजेंटा वर्ण:
Maroon गहरा लाल रंग असित लोहितः
Navy blue गहरा नीला असित नीलः
Olive ज़ैतून के रंग का जितवृक्षवर्ण:
Orange नारंगी के रंग का कौसुम्भः, नारङगवर्णः
Pea green मटर जैसे हरा हरेणुवर्ण:
Pink गुलाबी पाटलः, श्वेतरक्तः
Plum बेर जैसे हरा आलूकं वर्ण:
Purple बैंगनी धूम्रवर्ण:
Reddish Brown लाल भूरे रंग अरुणः
Red लाल लोहितः, रक्तवर्णः
Silver चांदी जैसा रंग रजतवर्ण:
Teal टील टीलवर्ण:
Wheat गेहूँ जैसा रंग गोधुमवर्ण:
White सफेद शुक्लः, श्वेतः
Yellow पीला पीतः, हरिद्राभः

Definitions of color


the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light.

While we might think of Rubens in terms of exuberant light and colour , he was, not least, a talented draughtsman.

pigmentation of the skin, especially as an indication of someone’s race.

We should really endeavour not to judge an individual simply on the basis of skin colour .

vividness of visual appearance resulting from the presence of brightly colored things.

Busy Lizzies are good in shade where they will spread out and give a patch of bright colour until the first frosts.

an item or items of a particular color or combination of colors worn to identify an individual or a member of a school, group, or organization.

Irusha obtained his school colours last year, from the Ministry of Education, the youngest ever chess player to obtain this honour, which is the highest chess achievement for a schoolboy.

a shade of meaning.

many events in her past had taken on a different color.

a quantized property of quarks which can take three values (designated blue, green, and red) for each flavor.

Nuclear power is the process by which we can extract energy from the colour force between quarks.

a particle of gold remaining in a mining pan after most of the mud and gravel have been washed away.

I go out prospecting to two nice little places where you can find a little color .

Verb (क्रिया)

change the color of (something) by painting, dyeing, or shading it.

We color our hair and clothes; paint our nails, anything to manifest our individuality.

(of a person or their skin) show embarrassment or shame by becoming red; blush.

Rebecca instantly colored , and raised a hand to rub absently at her cheeks, drawing all the more attention to the fact that she was embarrassed.

influence, especially in a negative way; distort.

Colours (Color) name in Hindi (Rango Ke Naam), Sanskrit and English

Importance of Colour’s name

So these are the Colours name in Hindi, Sanskrit and English. if you like these Colours name’s list please share this info to your friends and others. Sanskrit Colours name is very important.

(देखें – Animals name in Hindi and Sanskrit)

Meaning of Colour in Hindi, Shabdkosh, Meanings?, Translation, Definitions, Pronunciation, Synonyms, Antonyms.
Answer of: what is meaning of Colour in Hindi? Colour ka hindi matalab. Colour word sentences, usage, pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms, meaning & related word.

(देखें – Birds name in Hindi and Sanskrit)

जानिए: सभी ग्रहों के नाम (Planets Name in Hindi)।

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